Update from Ghana libraries, first week April

Benedict Akana, CESRUD coordinator, sent in this update:

This update covers the activities of the CLs this week from the 4th to the 8th of April, 2022. This week marked the examination period of schools. So, the CLs were the venue for majority of users. The Library Coordinator (LC) par a visit to the Sumbrungu Communnity Library, that was Monday 4th April do his usual supervisory and monitoring responsibility, he took the opportunity to also share with the library users present about the importance of the library before, during and after the exams. And the need for every user to have a personal study timetable as a guide for reading and learning. The pupils were happy and thankful about the encouraging words of the the LC. On the Tuesday 5th of April the LC paid a visit to Gowrie-Kunkua Community Libraries (GkCL) for supervision and monitoring, there were Library users seriously reading their lessons to prepare for their exams. LC helped the librarian to re-shelves books. He encouraged the librarian to do thorough dusting each day because of the dust. We are entering in to the raining season and more often it gets windy. Some of the windows have no louvers so, he promised to fix it.On the 7th of April the CL visited Sherigu Community Library (ShCL). A priori the ShC librarian, Mavis Adombire resigned her post, to go to Sunyani. That her father has demanded she goes there and better her grades. So, on Friday the LC went to handover the library’s responsibilities to next Librarian awaiting appointment. She is in the person of Diana Ayamga. She was the second candidate on our list of interviewees. She was glad to be called upon and showed much interest to work in the ShCL. She promised to work hard for the betterment of the patrons and for the community. The LC took her through the orientation about CLs. We wish Diana a fruitful work.

The LC was able to discuss with the ShCL Committee chairman about the impending renovations of the library. He brought in a painter and a welder to estimate the cost of paints and the metal door for the library. However, this estimates have not yet got to us. But as soon as we got that, we will prepare for a request.