Ghana region library update November

From Paul Ayutoliya:

This is a report for the month of November 2021 for CESRUD/FAVL Ghana monitored and supervised by me. Attendance to the respective three community libraries for the month was very great and exciting. Pupils and students from the nearby schools to the respective libraries were the frequent users. The basic pupils in form 3 wrote their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the second week of this month and so all the libraries were the convenient environments where most of the candidates used to revise their notes in preparation towards their exams. At the Sumbrungu community library, records of patronage was very great both day and night times. Patrons read story books from the library, others revised their notes from schools, others read in groups, and whiles some patrons did dictations exercises with the librarians among others.

On the 22nd of November as reported earlier Auntie Kathy Knowles and Winifred Kyeremah paid a visit to the library, their visit was short but they helped us a lot in terms of putting our library in good shape and form. The patrons who took part in the drawing exercises were full of joy to part of an exercise or activity led by a white lady who they understand has devoted her life in promoting the joy of reading for all. They were taught on how to open pages of the books to ensure that the books last long.

Over the month, I read a novel titled The Shrinking Bowl by G. A. Agambila, I will share my summary of the novel in another mail to you.

The Sherigu community library also recorded a good number of library users as captured in the librarian report. The library was well patronize by the BECE candidates and other library users. Individual reading of story books, group reading and games were the month’s activities. The librarian held series of group reading with the patrons. One the story books she read was the story of the Lucky One by Kathy Knowles. I also read the story of The Leopard Magnificent Drum with patrons. Auntie Kathy during her visit the library also read the story of Ferdinand the bull with some patrons, my first time of hearing that story book read, it was an interesting book.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua library, library usage for the month was also good especially during the day time. Patrons who were mostly pupils from the Kunkua Primary and Junior High School visited the library and read books, some private candidates also used the library to revise their notes towards their exams.

The executive director of CESRUD, Hon. Rex Asanga introduced to me one Mr. Akana Benedict, Hon. Rex informed that Mr. Benedict will be taking over the supervisory role that he plays in the community libraries so that he can have time to concentrate on his new job as the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive. I have since gone round with Benedict to the three community libraries. The librarians and myself will be meeting him one of these days to know ourselves better and to also see how we can work together to improve upon our library work among others. I’m sure Hon Rex have brought this to your attention.