Update from Kitengesa Library in Uganda

From Kate Parry, recently in Uganda:

Last Friday I visited the library, unannounced; it was my first visit in weeks. The place was busy: 17 young children were there, reading or at least looking at the storybooks, and 8 teenagers, who were working with our three computers (this is why we want to buy some new ones if we can afford it). Mr. Mayanja, who leads our Library Band was also there and eager to tell me about a project he has for Christmas: a special performance for some of the poorest people in the village, with a small gift to each of them of sugar and other necessities. He’s fundraising for it now, so I’ve promised him a contribution. I will hand it over next Friday, when the Band’s putting on a special performance for me to celebrate my recovery from surgery. I got no photographs of the Band last week, but here is an older picture of them. The drumming and dancing are terrific!