Library updates from Ghana in June

Paul Ayuretoliya writes from Ghana:

This is an update report of happenings from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana in June. Patronage to the respective three community libraries supported by FAVL through CESRUD for the past three weeks in June had been very good. At the Sumbrungu community library, pupils and students from the surrounding schools were the most frequent users of the library especially during the day time. I read with students from St. Charles Lwanga JHS during one of their visits and I encouraged those who were curious to know how the story will end to borrow the books home and finished the story and come and shared with me their findings. At the Sherigu community library, attendance to the library were good. St. Peter and Paul Academy pupils and students, pupils and students from the Dorongo basic school were the regular visitors. One of the books the librarian read with patrons was about the work of a midwife. After the reading, some of the patrons expressed optimism in becoming midwives in the future whiles others believed the work is complicated and hence will not want to become one in the future. At the Gowrie-Kunkua library, attendance to the library in June was significantly great after the inauguration, lots of pupils and students from far away basic schools visited the library regularly in their good numbers.

The extension works at the Sumbrungu Community library are currently continuing, ceiling joints have been fixed with electrical work partly done, plastering and fitting of windows frame have been done. So with the pace of work, everything should be nearing finishing by the close of this month if the available funds could cover the cost of the remaining work. We are thankful to CESRUD/FAVL for this great support for the Sumbrungu community library. We want to specially acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Rex Asanga, the executive director of CESRUD for conceiving the idea and seeking for funding for the work. Special thanks also goes to the Bolgatanga Amsteram Foundation and our main donor FAVL for their kind gestures.