Ghana activities in May 2021

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is the end of month report with details of happenings in the three community libraries. The month begun well with lots of interesting library’s activities in all three community libraries. The respective librarians were at post making sure that everything went on well. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, attendance to the library was very great with exciting activities. Basic pupils and students from the surrounding schools to the library were the frequent users of the library during the day time, and the night time was also well patronized by students and pupils from far and near, the University students also visited the library and learned. I took part in fixing a puzzle and it took us quite some time before we finally got it fixed. Students of St. Charles Lwanga JHS continued with their reading project to cultivate the habit of reading in students. At the Sherigu Community Library, attendance to the library for the month was good. Frequent visitors to the library during the daytime were pupils and Students St. Peter and Paul Academy. The librarian held a number of group readings with patrons on different storybooks and it was awesome. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, patronage for the first week of the month was quite good. Patronage picked up somehow better in the third week throughout to this week, reason being that the renovation works were completed. In conclusions the three community libraries in Ghana are helping in shaping and cultivating the reading habit in the rural Africa child.