Ghana libraries April usage statistics

From Paul Ayutoliya: This is a summarized report of the librarians’ April report with the statistics of patronage. All librarians reported that the month of April started and ended well with lots of interesting activities. The Sumbrungu librarian reports that attendance to the library for April was very great. The month’s activities were; group reading, spelling of words, debates, storytelling and video shows among others. He touched on the extension of the Sumbrungu library work. At the Sherigu Community library, the librarian reports also of good attendance to the library and some interesting activities that took place during the month such as reading and storytelling. Patronage after vacation of the basic pupils were a little low especially during the day time. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian reports that patronage was quite good for the month. He touched on the painting works that had been completed and setting of the library underway.

The statistics of attendances recorded by the librarians for April 2021 is below;