Ghana April 2021 report on three libraries

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a report for the month of April 2021 which captures all happenings that took place in the three community libraries that are supported by FAVL through CESRUD under my supervision. The month begun well with good patronage to the community libraries with lots of exciting and interesting library’s activities and other happenings. At the Sumbrungu community library, attendance to the library for the month was very impressive and encouraging. A majority of the patronage was from the nearby schools and Bolgatanga Technical University. The extension works are well underaway and are partly completed. At the Sherigu community library, patronage for the month was quite good. . The librarian was always at her post in the library making sure that everything is done orderly. After the vacation, the number of patrons visiting the library reduced a little due to issues with distance. The evening times were very good as students from the surrounding communities do visited the library well and prepared for their exams. At the Gowrie-Kunkua community library patronage was standard but still not to the usual level. The painting works are completed and the furniture has been returned, while we still work on the ceiling and electrical work. We hope to inaugurate the library in May. In conclusion, the month of April fared well with lots interesting activities and other good developments in the tree community libraries. As we move into the month of May, we optimistic of great and more interesting library activities. On behalf of the leadership of CESRUD and the executive director and my able librarians and our cherished library users, I extend our sincere appreciations and thanks for the enormous support from FAVL.