March 2021 Ghana report on library activities

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: This is a report for the month of March 2021. Patronage to the respective three community libraries was very good. A number of Senior High Schools students who were on vacation made good use of the respective community libraries. Pupils from surrounding schools to the libraries were always the most frequent users of the libraries. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, attendance to the library for the month was very high. Frequent users of the library were the local students from all levels of education. All these users read different kinds of story books, notes from their schools, some worked mathematics, others studied science and much more. St. Charles Lwanga JHS, one of the surrounding school to the Sumbrungu Community Library proposed to undertake a reading project after the training for School library teachers held last year by Biblionef Ghana. The project were to take place at the  Sumbrungu community library. The project was dabbed ‘Developing Reading Culture among students of St. Charles Lwanga Junior High School’. The objective of the project was to see that students developed a sustained interest in the usage of the library. So on every Monday and Wednesday of every week the library receives students from St. Charles JHS.  During the month, books donated by Biblionef Ghana were distributed to 22 basic schools in Sumbrungu and Nyariga communities to promote reading. At the Sherigu community library, attendance to the library for the month was also great and good. The number of patrons recorded appears to be more than that of last month attendance. Activities at the library for the month were group reading, individual reading and/or learning, cleanup exercise, sewing of some books among others.  At the Gowrie-Kunkua community library, attendance was quite good. Though the number of patrons recorded were low, patronage is expected to increase as the renovations near completion. In conclusion, CESRUD/FAVL Ghana community libraries performed very well in March. We are optimistic of greater performance in this next month of April .Thank you.