71 boxes of story books and two mini books shelves CESRUD/FAVL Ghana received from Biblionef Ghana

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: Last week 71 boxes of books and two book shelves were provided by Biblionef Ghana (with support from the Rotary Club of The Hague-Metropolitan District and the Rotary Club of Tema), with CESRUD as implementing partner (Ghana News Agency story is here). Now 22 basic schools in Bolgatanga West B’ and Bolgatanga North Circuits all in Sumbrungu and Nyariga communities now have mini school libraries. Children in these schools are now able to read any book of their choice. Two teachers (that is the head teacher and the school library teacher) from each of the 22 basic schools were invited for the books presentation of a donation of 71 boxes of books and two shelves. In attendance also were the executive director of CESRUD/FAVL Ghana, Mr. Asanga Rex, Upper East Regional library librarian, Mr. Leslie Kasanga and one other staff, the Circuit Supervisor for Bolga West B’ Circuit Madam Theodora Ako, leaders of the teachers association of both circuits and three media house; Mr. Anthony Apubeo from Ghana News Agency, Mr. Abopaam Mac Donald from Dreams Fm and Isaac Akolgo from BTU Radio.

In my welcome address, I made mentioned of the efforts CESRUD/FAVL Ghana have over the years has put in place to offer every child the opportunity to pick up a book and read with the view of improving upon quality education at all levels. I made mentioned of the Vision and Mission of FAVL and how the coming in of Biblionef Ghana have helped to further advance the course of reading for all. All those who were in attendance were happy to hear that two more schools have been added to the existing 20 schools. We give credit to Biblionef Ghana. The Executive Director thanked all for coming and asked the teachers to pay particular attention to helping the children read and promoting reading at their respective schools. He asked the teachers of what benefit will it be if all the books provided is not put to good use. They should ensure that children patronizes the books at all time, they should make time to read with children as often as possible, and encourage them to read at all time. He took participants down memory lane the idea of the community libraries how it started among others. The Upper East Regional librarian on his part was happy to be part of the program, he said CESRUD/FAVL Ghana were doing almost a greater part of the work that the Ghana Library Authority should have been doing, and so he happy and wished that the books they are taking back to their schools will be put to good use. He assure all teachers that staff from the Upper East Regional Library will be available when call upon to offer any technical support like cataloguing and others.

All the school library teachers were given the opportunity to report on how their libraries have been running since schools resumed after COVID 19 break. They all reported that children are patronizing the school libraries and reading the books when it is the library hours. A summation of some intervention put in place to ensure that the books are put to good use, some are as follows;
– All schools have made provision in their school time table a library period, some schools have library period twice in a week for every class or more.
– Children are encourage to borrow books to the house and read and upon return report or summarized the story in the book.
-Children are given the assignment to find at least three new words in a story book from the school library.
-Some teachers read some of story books from the libraries and shared with children to arouse their interest to also read.

In all we had a successful books presentation day yesterday, in fact Biblionef Ghana would have been around yesterday to do the presentation, but they sent the books and asked that CESRUD do the presentation to the various schools on their behalf this time round due to the COVID 19 and its related issues.