Radio discussion on the impact of community libraries in Sumbrungu, Ghana

Paul Ayuretoliya writes: Today in the morning, Mr. Asanga Rex and myself was hosted at the Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU) radio located in Sumbrungu. The radio station has a wide coverage reaching almost every part of the Upper East Region. A lot people especially those from Sumbrungu and the surrounding communities listen to the this radio station regularly. We discussed with listeners among other things the existence of the three community libraries and school libraries, the roles and impact of these libraries and the need for all parents and guardians to encourage their children to visit the libraries and read. The discussion were also a form of awareness creations about the existence of these libraries, there were others prior to the discussion that did not know about the existence of these libraries. The Executive Director Mr. Asanga Rex centered his part of discussion on the broader picture of CESRUD and that of FAVL. How the three community libraries came about and other interventions by CESRUD to improve quality education and reduce poverty among others. He also touched on the extension of the libraries to 22 basic schools with books stock of over 600. He seized the opportunity to thanked Biblionef Ghana for the donations of the books that was distributed yesterday.

During the phone- in session, a good number of people called and thanked Mr. Asanga Rex for the support he have been able to give to the respective communities and schools through CESRUD/FAVL Ghana and all partners who supports with the donations of books and other learning materials to these libraries. Some of the callers wanted to know the measures put in place to prevent stealing of the books, and also when a child borrow a book and misplaced or lost the book, will that child be asked to pay for the book? I responded by explaining to those callers that every book in each of the libraries are stamp and given unique numbers that helps in the tracking of the books should any book be stolen or missing, then again the community libraries librarians are also trained on issues of this nature, they are to ensure that no bags enter the library and that users are search before leaving the libraries when need be. On the other question, when a borrow book is misplaced or lost, it will be investigated and depending on the outcome of the investigation, the child who borrow the book or the parent of that child will be asked to either pay for the book or buy same to replace the missing book.

We are planning of visiting the radio studio next time with some patrons for them to share some benefits of reading with listeners.