Update from the Ghana libraries supported by FAVL

Some news from the Ghana libraries supported by FAVL from Paul Ayuretoliya:

Everything is moving on quite well, the rehabilitation works at Gowrie Kunkua community library is still ongoing with the building part almost been completed. I recently paid them a visit to monitor progress of work, the masons and community members were on site happily carrying out the building works. The Corona pandemic is still on the rise in Ghana, wearing of nose or face mask is now mandatory in Ghana as directed the the president, despite this directives many are still seen around without nose masks, the police working together with the military are on the lookout to arrest persons who defied these directives. All libraries across Ghana are still closed to the public. We are optimistic that soon the will be some kind of ease on the restrictions on the libraries to allow some category of users to start patronage. For our community libraries that is Sumbrungu and Sherigu, CESRUD in a bid to aid reading at the library have instituted some small measures in its own little that allows only few person read at the library. Some of these users are University students who are learning via online among others. We are ensuring that the social distancing are strictly adhere whenever the libraries are to be use.