Community cleanup of Gowrie-Kunkua library after the roof blew off in windstorm #Ghana

From Paul Ayutoliya:

With great support from the library committee, the library patrons and some community members, we able to move the books, chairs and tables to a house nearby. One of the community members and an opinion leader by name Jonathan Adabre offer us a room in his house where we move almost everything (books, tables, chairs, louvre blades, the salvage zinc among others) there. We got a carpenter from the community who did a good job by removing the zinc from the woods and renailing the shelves that were broken. Due to the great damage cause, Mr. Rex (CESRUD, FAVL partner) have asked a technical person in building and roofing to go with me probably today and make an assessment of how much will be needed to repaired the building and put the roofing on again. I will update you on the outcome of the assessment after our visit there probably today. With Mr. Rex assisting, I am sure we will get the regional government involved to do something. Updates on engagement with them will be made known to you.