Brief early March update from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries

From Paul Ayutoliya:

Patronages to the respective libraries continuous to soar with lots of interesting libraries activities. Interesting library’s activities such reading for fun, group reading, individual reading, games and videos shows were kept patrons visiting the libraries every now and then. Touring the respective libraries last week, patrons were seen in their encouraging numbers at the respective libraries reading and/ or learning. I read a couple of story books with patrons of all the three libraries.

At the Sherigu Community Library, I read a story titled My Brother the Footballer by Diana B. McBagonluri. The story was about two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Anokye whom they were proud of because they made them (parents) happy with their great skills in sports. One of their sons, Nana Kwame was a goalkeeper and Nana Yaw was a long distance runner. Both sons work hard at their respective areas of expertise and were chosen to represent their school abroad in sporting activities, this was first in history in their vicinity. Patrons who took part in the reading were inspired by the beautiful story of the two boys and promise to also work hard in whatever they can do. The story was very simple to understand, so I encouraged patrons to read again at their own time for better understanding and appreciation of the story.

Night patronages were also very great as students from far and near always make it to the library every evening. The only disadvantage we have currently is the hot weather conditions, we are in March and March in our part of the country is always a month of hot sun shine and heat, even when fans are working, they produce a certain amount of heat. This hot weather conditions have made attendance during night time to reduced a little. But nonetheless, the attendance is encouraging.

I visited the Upper East Regional Library in course of last week. Patronage to the regional library were immense, both young and adults readers were busy reading in their good numbers. The children’s corner was the point of interest as many children from the surroundings schools were at the children’s corner reading and having fun with the children librarians. She danced with some them, asked questions of their favorite book in the library among others. Some children also came for a visit from one of the private schools, the children librarian at a point in time was haven it difficult controlling the noise. But at the close of day every went well. Part of my visit to the regional library was to get the Regional Librarian informed on the reading competition and asked that they come along with the mobile library van. The Regional Librarian, Mr. Leslie Kasanga assure that he be in attendance, also they will come along with the van.