Update on Ghana libraries supported by FAVL

At the Sumbrungu Community Library, students and pupils from far and near have been the most frequent visitors especially during the night time. They visited the library in their good numbers, read notes written from schools, story books in the library and had fun watching movies and playing games. The library is indeed becoming a serene home to many more students and pupils. We have form a young adults reading club in the library, we agreed to read and discuss each story book every Friday in the evening time. So this week’s reading starts today! Sherigu Community Library also recorded good patronage with lots of interesting reading and other activities which brought more patrons. The librarian there has been do a great job by organizing lots of reading activities with support from some teachers of St. Peter and Paul Academy. I met with some patrons last week in the library during the night time. I encourage them to visit the library at all times and make good use of the books. At Gowrie-Kunkua community library, patronage have also been good with interesting library activities.