FAVL looking forward to getting BMP back in action in Houndé, #Burkina

Dounko is working hard on this. For the record, it is a challenge. The BMP has to be driven on somewhat dangerous RN1 from Ouagadougou to Houndé, about 250 kilometers. Dounko will probably have to accompany in the car. Will take all day. The driver has to have a motorcycle license. FAVL librarian from Pissila, Bernard, is now working for the national census, so he is not available. Once the BMP arrives in Houndé, the practical issues of guards and staff at the office of the mayor being aware of the BMP haave to be worked out. The mayor’s office is supposed to be recruiting a local driver/librarian, but they are being slow. Dounko would like to drive down and then train the new library operator the next day. SO has to be some coordination!  But it will happen.