Update report from FAVL/CESRUD Ghana community libraries for the two weeks of November 2019

76913899_1253586611516079_8048993747515473920_nAttendance to the Sumbrungu Community Library for the two weeks was super great especially the night sessions. I have been very regular of late in the Sumbrungu Library to help the night librarian due to the increase number of patrons we receives. The numbers are always great to the point that those who come late hardly find space to sit; others could be seen lying on their stomachs on the bare floor in front of the women meeting hall reading. The great numbers are putting pressure on our chairs, many of the chairs needs to be maintain. Activities for the two weeks include; individual reading, group reading of story books, games, and assignments works among others. I embarked on few visits to some surrounding schools and engaged pupils on library related issues, is one of the contributing factor to the increased numbers we receives every day and night at the library. The Sherigu Community Library also recorded good patronage during the two weeks; pupils of St. Peter and Paul Academy were and are always the regular patrons during the daily sessions. Students from the Sherigu Senior high school, young adults from the surrounding communities were and are the frequent visitors during the night sessions. Individual reading, group reading, cleanup exercise and games were some of the activities of the weeks. The librarian is always at her post ensuring that everything goes well for reading and learning. The Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library performances for the two weeks were also encouraging. Pupils of the Kunkua primary and junior high schools are always the regular patrons in the library. Reading activities for the two weeks were also good.