Brief update from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries

IMG_20191101_124013_355We held our end of month (October) meeting on 1st November 2019 at the Sumbrungu community library. In attendance were the Sumbrungu Librarian Mr. Timothy Apenore, the Sherigu Librarian Miss Cecilia Adombila and the Gowrie-Kunkua Librarian, Mr. Wilfred Nyaaba. The Sumbrungu Librarian reported that the month was full of lots of reading activities with tremendous records of attendance for both daily and night sessions. He mentioned some of the activities: collective reading, individual reading of both story books and notes from schools, assignments work, games and videos shows. He was particularly happy about the attendance recorded. It shows more people (students and pupils) are cultivating the reading habits. He mentioned shortage of chairs and insufficient space as major challenges facing the library.

The Sherigu Librarian also reported good patronage during October, but lower than Sept. October is usually a devotion month for the Catholic around the world, and so many of the users around the library took part in this month of devotion where they move from house to house to pray with brethren hence the low patronage. There were a lot of library activities during the month; group reading, poems recitations, borrowing of books and games.

From the Gowrie-Kunkua Library, the librarian reported of encouraging attendance during the the month.Some activities during the month he mentioned included individual reading, games, cleanup exercise and group reading. On challenges, he mentioned some broken louvre blades and damage louvre carriers.

The librarians were excited to be getting more supplies of books from Biblionef and Ghana Book Trust. They were happy hearing this news and looks forward to receiving more books in their respective libraries.