Brief update from the three community libraries by supported by CESRUD/FAVL in Northern Ghana

From Paul Ayutoliya:

The week ending October 12 began well in all the libraries recording significant attendance to the respective libraries despite the torrential rain that rained almost every day and night for the whole of this week. I was not able to visit Sherigu and Gowrie-Kunkua Community Libraries this week due to the torrential rains, the roads leading to the respective libraries are unmotorable due to floods. But I did called the respective Librarians and inquired about visits to the libraries and they reports that patrons visits for the week was good despite the rains. Group reading, individual reading, assignments works and some cleaning exercise were the weeks activities.

At Sumbrungu Community Library, I was always there both day time and night sessions. Attendance to the library was overwhelming during both sessions. Patrons who were mostly students of Junior High School, Senior High School and Tertiary (the Bolgatanga Polytechnic) attended the library well especially during the evening sessions. Patrons who comes late hardly find space inside to sit. Some patrons read story books from the library, others read their notes taken from schools, assignments works, drawing among others reading and or/ learning activities.