Attendance at three CESRUD/FAVL Ghana community libraries continues to be very impressive #Ghana

Daily sessions are basically well patronised by basics pupils of the surrounding basic schools. Every one of the users have the opportunity of reading any book of their choice. All the libraries are stocked with age appropriate books for everyone. Users are happy and thankful to the donors (FAVL, Biblionef) and all who supported the libraries in one way or the other. The night sessions are usually patronised by students and pupils in the basic schools, second cycle schools and the tertiary schools. Most of the night users read books from the respective libraries, handouts from their field of study in schools, some worked on their assignments, others practice drawing among others.

My tours to the schools with the call on every student to embrace reading and good work by the librarians are contributing to these encouraging attendance to the libraries. I share with pupils and students some of the books I have read and the benefits I gained from reading. Most of the pupils are always challenged by my story since I started working with the libraries. The look on their faces indicates their preparedness to cultivate the reading habit. It is not surprising that each day and night the number of patrons visiting the community libraries keeps going up.