A brief update on happenings at the Sumbrungu Community Library #Ghana

From Paul Ayutoliya:

Patronage at the community library during the night session yesterday and previous nights have been very impressive. The patrons were mostly young adults. Some were working on assignment from schools, some were drawing, others read maths and science. The young children who came to the library were busy reading different kinds of story books like A is for Ampe, the Cat and Dog Series among others. Some Polytechnic students were also in the library for studies. At a point the room was almost getting full as I sat quietly also reading a novel titled Ancestral Sacrifice. I want to say that the community libraries indeed are working and contributing immensely to the joy of reading for many rural folks. It is our hope more people will embrace reading at all time for pleasure, fun, vocabulary improvement, knowing more about events elsewhere and much more.