Brief summary of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, by FAVL-CESRUD library coordinator in Ghana

things fall apartHere is a brief summary of a book (Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe) I have heard of over the years but did not read it. I have made time to read the book now starting last week. The book is a a double-packed novel with ancient Nigeria tradition, Christianity as a new religion, funny stories and moral lessons. Things Fall Apart contains many characters- some irritating, brave, wise, confident and smart. Some characters like Okonkwo who is the main character in the novel but too-knowing and arrogant, Ezinma (a small girl with mega brain loaded with big questions), Obirika, the information carrier-but creative, Ikemefuna the attitude changer, Mr. Smith-the new religion commencer, Ezevely the advisor. Ancient Nigeria was full of superstitious believers and well structured unchangeable traditions. A little attempt to change the style of living and worship sets the fire of war ablaze and Okonkwo was always there to fan it or ensure the fire burn well. Okonkwo full of arrogance, anger and pride was always the key distributor of the zeal for war and out of anger and pride , he has to end his very own life to really make things to fall apart.

Moral Lessons from the brief summary;
1. Don’t always blow your own trumpet.
2. As much as possible always control your emotions or anger.
3. Wherever you find yourself in this life, try to be who you are like Ikemefuna.