Update from CESRUD/FAVL Ghana libraries

P1140389This week’s Library’s attendance continued on the rise as basic pupils are in the peak of their third term exams. The respective libraries are well patronised during the daily and night sessions of operations. I had for a number of times this week visited the respectively community libraries both daily and night and monitored how reading and other library activities were carried out.

At the Sumbrungu Community Library, students/pupils from different basic schools visited the library and revised notes taken from schools in preparation for their next papers, others also read story books. The daily sessions is always well patronised by pupils of St. Charles Lwanga primary and Junior High School (JHS), Kulbia Primary school and Kolgo JHS during the daily session, these schools are the surrounding to the library. The Polytechnic students are on vacation now. Students/pupils from the distance schools visited the library in their good number during the night sessions. I paid a visit to some schools to wish pupils well and also see how the students are writing their exams, each class I entered the atmosphere is always quiet with each student busily focused on his/her exam question paper and answer sheet. The arrangements was very interesting as some were sitting on the floor, others sat two per desk, and some; one desk per pupil, their teachers were around ensuring that everything goes on well.

At the Sherigu Community Library, attendance to the library was very good. Pupils from St. Peter and Paul are the frequent visitors to the Library during the daily sessions. The pupils also use the library as the convenient place to revised the notes and read other school books in the library in preparation for their next exams papers. During the evening’s sessions, students/pupils from the vicinity visited the library and read books. Some private students who will be writing their exams come September also used the library to prepare themselves well. The librarian is doing a good job by keeping the library tidy and serene for all the library activities.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, patronage to the library has also been quite well. Pupils from the Kunkua Primary and JHS are also the most user of the library during the daily sessions. Other library users patronised well during the evening sessions. There have not been a lot of reading activities due to the ongoing third term examinations.

Prof. the respective community libraries have been running quite well both daily and the night. We are in the raining and farming session and so there are days rains do affect patronages save for such days or nights of rains, the attendance is great.

CESRUD/FAVL Ghana free vacation reading classes this year is scheduled to start from 5th August throughout to the first week of September. Basic pupils will be breaking from schools on 25th of July 2019 which falls on a Thursday. After vacation, the pupils will rest or help their parents with the farms for about a week and some days (26th July-2nd August 2019). The next week of August which is on the 5th, the one month reading classes will start in all the three community libraries. We are anticipating that this year’s vacation reading classes is going to be a unique one and we are sure of getting some volunteers who will be helping us during these classes. We want to focus much on reading of story books, storytelling (if possible we will be inviting some elderly people to come and share story telling with participant), games and other interesting library activities.