Paul Ayutoliya is reading The Library Tree by Deborah Cowley, #Ghana

P1140459Some excerpts from Paul’s summary of the book: … The family house at Osu, have a beautiful garden where Kathy normally sit under one of the big trees with books in her basket from which she reads first to her three children, as this continues every Thursdays afternoon, some Ghanaian children started showing up to listen to Auntie Kathy read to her children. Kathy reading circles had begun to grow rapidly as Joanna Felih (a young lady who Kathy employed as a house help during their early days in Ghana) watched with amazement how the number of local Ghanaian children come to the garden every Thursday afternoon to listened to stories and singing. The children really love it. Madam Joanna was sometimes given the opportunity to share storytelling with the children. What started on a very small Thursday afternoon reading soon grow beyond Kathy’s imaginations… With the support Kathy received from family and friends back in Canada; more books and other materials were added to the library. The friends and family were very supportive that Kathy receives more donations of funds, she was thinking of what next to do, open a library and where? Next after the establishment of the Osu Children Library, was the Nima Maamobi Gale Community Library. Kathy used to drive through the Nima Kanda high way to send the children to school and pick them from school. As she passes to and from everyday, she noticed the sad plight of the people and children living in that Moslem dominated community …Kathy returned to Ghana and to Nima, after long search and asking she finally located Mallam Mansuru who listened to her attentively and directly that she should see one Agnes Amoah who was the assemblywoman for Nima. Kathy in presenting her story stated her wiliness to help the Nima people with a library hence her search for land. Agnes after listening to Kathy at last offered Kathy her piece of land with an abandon structure on it. Several tedious works took place before the place was finally turned into a befitting edifice suitable for library… At long last, the Nima Gale Maamobi Community Library was commission…. Reading through the first part of the book now understands that, indeed patience moves mountains. The persistent perseverance Auntie Kathy went through to bring the joy of reading to a generation of African children could not have been today if she did not persevere. I wished I had read this book before my first meeting with her in 2017, she deserves all the commendations.