Workshop for Young Women to Learn Computer Skills in Houndé #Burkina

Between May 23 and 24, the multimedia center of Houndé is hosting a two-day workshop for 10 young women. The overall goals of the workshop are to strengthen writing and drawing skills and teach participants how to use basic software and e-mail. In addition to achieving these specific goals, the workshop also will encourage teamwork, the love of reading, female solidarity, and empowerment. The workshop will provide each participant with a notebook and a pen, and there will be two computers for the participants to share. The workshop will begin with a discussion of computer software’s importance in the world today and a basic overview of various computer functions. After lunch, the participants will learn how to use Microsoft Word and Excel, and then will spend three hours working in groups on a writing project in Word. For the last hour of the workshop, they will peer review each other’s work and propose design ideas for the next day. The second day of the workshop will begin with more practice on Word and Excel. After lunch, they will learn how to use Publisher. They will finish the workshop by putting their own texts from the day before on the software. The total budget for this workshop is 160,000F, about $300. This cost is split between meals, housing, notebooks, transportation, and instructors.