Activities at the Sebba Library #Burkina

Thanks to its manager’s dynamism and the children’s enthusiasm, the Sebba library continues to thrive. The week of April 23 – 26 was full of organized activities. As usual, manager Ly Kamahoulaye spent time working with young readers that have a hard time reading by themselves. Because he was very pleased that the children were interested in the library’s activities, he didn’t spare any efforts to encourage and motivate them to come back whenever they don’t have class. This and the fact that the children are interested in sports led to Kamahoulaye’s idea to start a small game in front of the library. They played soccer for forty minutes and then delved right into the books. The children really liked this activity! It showed them that the reading and sports weren’t incompatible. They could love soccer and reading at the same time, and more importantly, they could do them both on the same day. A day without school in Sebba is around 10 hours, which means there is plenty of time to lead many activities and have a good time. The manager’s wish is that the children have fun, which they did in the soccer game and the following reading activity. Activities that combine the children’s interests will lead to scholarly success, much to the delight of the children’s parents.