Recent books produced by Houndé multimedia center (CMH) in #Burkina

This month the Houndé multimedia center (CMH) finished editing and will distribute two new books authored by young women from Houndé. La ruse de Sonsonni le lièvre  is by Tuina Sarah, a 10th grader in Lycée Provincial de Boromo, and Le prince et la fille laide by Fofana Adjaratou a high school senior in the Lycée Municipal de Houndé.  Both books are illustrated by Bazoun Robert, who works in the school district.

These CMH books are distributed in all FAVL supported libraries. The hope is that by promoting short books written by young women, more young women will be inspired to continue their schooling and aspire to professional accomplishment. The young women also get exposure to using computers in the multimedia center.