January update from Ghana community libraries

On the second week of January, patronage began to pick up rapidly as the basic pupils resumed school in this particular week. Serious libraries activities of reading, games and videos shows among others took off in all the three libraries. In Sumbrungu Community Library there was reading of story books, group reading with Coordinator and librarians. Some of the books read in group with patrons were ‘CHILDREN OF THE TREE’ by Meshack Asare, Jafta’s Mother by Hugh Lewin, Jafta by Hugh Lewin, Do Not Keep Quiet by Doris Owusu among others. One of our group reading books entitled, Do Not Keep Quiet by Doris Owusu, for instance is about sensitizing young people especially the girls to report anyone who tries to lure them in doing anything bad either with money or anything to their parents and to the appropriate authorities. There were a number of exciting games also during the week.

From the Sherigu Community Library, the librarian Miss Adombila also read with patrons the Literacy Change my Life Series; Diana a Hairdresser Learns to Read, I Want to Start Reading and Hanatu, a Seamstress Learns to Read. Individual reading, games and other activities were carried out also in the second and third week. It was all fun.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the librarian Mr. Nyaaba also read with library users the story of Kente for a King by Angela Christian. The Kente for a King is a story about the evolution of the Kente Cloth woven by the Ashanti people. There were games, cleanup exercise also during these weeks.

To conclude on recent happenings in our libraries; patronage have picked up well both daily and night sessions. We will be coming up with a number of weekly reading programs for this year 2019. The Ghana Library Authority has declared this year a year of reading; we want to work in line with this initiative of the GhLA by also making this year a year of reading also in all our community libraries.