Books for new library to be opening in Koho village in Burkina Faso in 2019

The FAVL team in Burkina Faso is working with the mayor and his staff in Houndé in Burkina Faso to open a library in the village of Koho in Tuy province. An generous donor gave an initial starting donation, and the mining company Houndé Gold and the commune of Houndé are also participating. More news will be forthcoming soon. But for now some of the fun part of establishing a library, receiving donations of French books that kids are likely to read. Here’s a selection that is going to Burkina later this week, for consideration by the staff for inclusion in the new library collection. These donated books are usually about one-fourth of the library books; the bulk of books in each library are purchased locally and are almost all African authors from French West Africa, purchased locally. Tintin is, by the way, an inspiration for many graphic novelists (bd-istes) in the region. Sometimes there are some people who find Babar objectionable, reading perhaps too much into the children’s tales. Ah, the life of librarians!

books for Koho