End of November 2018 librarian meeting, Ghana

This is a report about the end of the month of November meeting held at the Sumbrungu Library on 1st December 2018. The Coordinator who chairs the meeting welcomed everyone to the meeting. The agenda of the meeting centered on the performance of the respective Community Libraries up to date, what have been done well and what need to improve. Each librarian wasgiven the opportunity to say a word on happenings in their respective library for the past months. The Sumbrungu Librarian, Mr. Timothy Apenoore mentioned a number of reading programs, games and visitors received in the library. He said patrons were getting more used to reading than before. He mentioned of a number of books read some of which are: The Lucky One, The Magic Goat, Kente for a King, Do not Keep Quiet, The Cat and Dog Series and many more. He also mentioned the different kind of games and video shows which the children like In his own words, library performance have been good save to say the users’ requests for more subject books and computers. The Sherigu librarian, Miss Cecilia Adombila talked about reading activities that she held for the month of November. Attendance to the library had been good in her words also. She also touched books she read during the month and the mending or repaired of some books. The challenge or problem in the library according to her is the non functioning of all the three fans, six broken louvre blades which cause a lot of dust to books, tables and chairs. She appealed for support to fix such problems. The Gowrie-Kunkua Library also said their library performance had been good. The reading programs such as quiz competition, group reading, individual reading, story telling, games and visits to the library by some parents kept the library patrons visiting always. He ended by also mentioning again that they need fans in the library.

Commenting on all that was said, the chair thanked them for the good work and asked that they continue to discharge their duties well. As librarians the chair told them; we also have a duty to look around and see those people who can help in one way or the other and approach them either through letters or personal contact, we can write to the Assembly men, NGOs and other bodies that can offer any support to promote reading. The chair assured them that their concerns however would be forwarded. We had not meet for quite some time which was a short coming the chair admitted, we will henceforth hold all our end of month meetings. The librarians read their reports loud to the hearing of all, a number of correction were made. A careful look at their reports sent will show this. The chair took the opportunity and introduced the newly appointed Sherigu Librarian to other librarians. She also got to know the other librarians of the other community libraries. They promised to work hand in hand in promoting reading at their respective communities.

end Nov librarian meeting