November update from Ghana libraries

This is a summary of the librarians report for November 2018. Library’s attendance during November per the librarian’s reports has been very good and encouraging. Overall 4,277 visits were recorded to the three libraries in November.

At the Sumbrungu Library, reading and /or learning activities have been good both daily and night sessions. Group reading and discussions of story books, time to share with games were the dominant activities. The newly AMO games that were brought by Biblionef Ghana and Biblionef International brought more joy and fun to the library users. Some of the double track system students who are currently on vacations and the regular patrons are making good use of the respective libraries especially during the evening sessions; they visit the libraries to read their notes, story books and share ideas. The daily session is mostly dominated by basic pupils.

At the Sherigu library for the month, the new librarian reports that patronage has been very encouraging with lots of reading activities, she also touch on something I met her doing during one of my usual visits which is worthy of commendation, she bought treads and sewed most the books that their pages were removing, it was such a great work by Miss Cecilia right after her official assumption of duty and then also her efforts in retrieving two missing books from the library. She touched on some story books read by her some of which includes; The Teen Princess, Shoeshine Girl, the Regret of the Drunkard among others during the month. The major problem in the library is still the non-functioning of fans.

At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, lots of reading activities with games and cleanup exercises were the activities of the month. Major problem is still the need for fans in the library.

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