Donation of Amo games by Bibloinef Ghana to libraries and schools in Ghana

Hello Madam Feikje Geertsmas,  I bring you warmest greetings from Sumbrungu in Bolgatanga of the Upper East Region of Ghana. On behalf of Cesrud/Favl (the Sumbrungu Community Library) Ghana I want to once again express our sincere appreciation to you for the donation of the Amo games to the Sumbrungu community library and some schools under Cesrud. We are grateful for the kind gesture, the Amo games will be put to good and we are sure library users especially the little children will learn alot from playing the games. On 14th November, I trained five schools libraries teachers on the usage of the Amo games after which I presented to each of the five teachers a set of the Amo games for their respective schools. I will be updating you on progress of the usage of the Amo games.  Thank you. Paul Ayutoliya.