AYA Afrika foundation Prof. Nene Kwasi Kafele visits the Sumbrungu Community Library

CESRUD library coordinator Paul Ayutoliya writes:

On 31st October 2018, the director of AYA Afrika foundation Prof. Nene Kwasi Kafele with three others paid a visit to the Sumbrungu Community Library. Their visit was to interact with those students/pupils they supported Cesrud with funds to organize a one month after school reading program early last year (2017), the impact of the reading program. They were impressed from their interactions with the pupils, the way the pupils answered questions and asked questions. The director Prof. Nene in a jovial way described one table as the “hot” table because there were always questions and answers coming from that particular table all the time and every moment. Prof. Nene asked the pupils what they would like to become inthe future? Some said doctors so that they can save lives, some teachers, some engineers, some pilots, Prof. encouraged them and admonished the pupils to erase the mentality of “this subject is difficult” and study hard and they would  make it. He further advised pupils to always seek information that will help them realize their dreams in future.  Madam Carolann Wright, director of Business &Labour Development, African Nova Scotia presented two books title; Africaville by Shauntay Grant and Basket of Black Nova Scotia by Joleen Gordon to the Sumbrungu Community library. I thanked them on behalf of Cesrud/FAVL and the pupils for their visit and donations of the books before their departure.