End of vacation reading classes in Upper East, Ghana

From Paul Ayutoliya, CESRUD library coordinator:

The vacation reading classes begun well on the 6th of August 2018 in all the three libraries and lasted for four week. These weeks were characterized by reading of different kinds of story books in the respective libraries under the guidance of the coordinator, librarians and volunteer teachers who supported us in taking care of the participants, there were riddles, different kinds of games, story time, visits by parents and CESRUD directors among other interesting activities. This year’s reading classes was indeed an interesting one.

Early this week exams were conducted for participants in all the libraries on all the story books read during the classes, the riddles, general knowledge and some logical reasoning questions. Most of the participants and particularly the regular patrons to the libraries and the reading classes every year did exceptionally well in all the questions.

The closing ceremonies of the reading classes started at the Sherigu community library on the 29th of August, a Wednesday, some parents came around to witness the closing ceremony of the classes, parents present were grateful to the organizer of the classes after their wards took turns to read one after the other to their hearing. They wish the classes continuous every year. Prizes such as exercise books, pens and pencils were presented to all participants.

On the 30th of August, the Gowrie-Kunkua community library also had it climax of the reading classes. Parents were also present to witness the ceremony. The participants there also took turns one after the other to read some of the story books (Amoako and the Forest, David’s Day at the Mine, All about Ama, the Adventure of the Twins among others) to the hearing and applause from parents. Parents were very happy to see their children read with the confidence they were reading with. They express their appreciation to the donors and supporters of the library. Their wish was that we continue the good work. Prizes were also presented to participants.

The grand finale of the classes was held today at the Sumbrungu community library, parents came in their good numbers, and the participants were about 200 people excluding the parents. The director of CESRUD was with the education coordinator of CESRUD, the librarians were present with all the volunteer teachers. There were entertainment from the pupils/students, reading demonstration, participants of the classes share some benefits of the classes with parents and all present. There were a number of speeches from several people; the director of CESRUD, education coordinator, CESRUD/FAVL coordinator, parents and the participants of the classes among other events. Prizes were presented to participant with some refreshment to some of the dignitaries, volunteer teachers, the librarians and our participants.