Update from the reading classes in Upper East libraries, #Ghana

From Paul Ayutoliya:

Week two of the reading classes continued on a good note, with the number of participants increasing day in and out as a result of the exciting activities of reading and/ or learning in all the three libraries. Activities such as group reading, individual reading, riddles, spellings of words, storytelling among others motivated participants to the point that those who heard of the activities from their friends said they must also get to the libraries and see for themselves happening in the reading classes. There were a number of riddles learnt during the week, participants gave their riddles as well, and at the end of the day we all (volunteer teachers and participants) do learn something new. In fact, one patron gave the riddle “I am a beautiful girl that is been chased by 22 young men at a time” Who I am? Honestly I did not know the answer until one other patron gave the answer as a football. There were lesson share by other patrons on the ICT, Mathematics, English and Science classes as well during the week that they had learnt with their respective teachers.

Every Friday is for quiz competition, questions are always based on story books read, riddles, spelling and others. The first quiz was between the boys and girls, the second week Friday quiz was between the three different young adult classes. In each group of contestant were two boys and a girl presented by their colleagues from their respective class to represent them in the quiz at the Sumbrungu library. It is always an interesting moment as audience cheers their colleagues with applause in a bid of motivating them. As this is going on in the women meeting hall now the Roden conference hall, the children also have their quiz and other game activities with the assistant librarian and one volunteer teacher in the library room. The average of the children for the second week was 70 children whiles the young adult averaged 75 bringing the total average attendance in a day to 145 at the Sumbrungu library.

In the Sumbrungu library, we have four (4) volunteer assisting us in the classes, one young lady and three young men.

The story about the reading classes is almost the same at Sherigu and the Gowrie-Kunkua community Library save that their number of patrons is not as many as the Sumbrungu library, so the respective librarians are able to manage the classes, at times some senior high school students do come around to support the Sherigu librarian in handling the classes. They also have their quiz completion on the story books and other activities that do take place during the week.

 We have parents visiting the respective libraries once in a while during the week to monitor how their wards are performing in the classes. Cesrud members and the respective library committee (in Sherigu and Gowrie) do also visit the library to monitor the classes.