What is new at FAVL-Burkina Faso?

  • Fifteen new photos books were printed and delivered in March 2018 to most of the libraries that we support in Burkina Faso. Picture of the books on the bookshelf in Sebba Library is below.
  • Libraries received 20 copies of a kid’s magazine called Kidzymag that is filled with short stories and fun games for kids to play.
  • Many libraries received donations of books; one of the gratifying things about working with libraries is to see how many “friends” are out there willing to support reading.
  • Libraries held their regularly scheduled monthly meetings in March- on the agenda are two reading contests being held in some of the libraries – one supported by the US Embassy, the other by Catholic Relief Services.
  • Our new Biblio-Mobile-Penelope moto-tricycle service is moving along and will be ready to operate soon.
  • The Multimedia Center in Hounde has been producing many books this year- sixteen Kikirou stories in the Fall 2017, and six more children’s books written and illustrated by people from Tuy Province. The illustrator Robert Bazoum is doing a spectacular job).
  • FAVL Director Michael Kevane met with Stanislas Ouanré, Minister of Education, in March 2018 to see about possible collaboration for establishing more libraries.
  • Lots more going on every day; read our blog for more information.

Don de livres à la bibliothèque de Sebba par FAVL