FAVL biblio-mobile is coming to #Burkina!

Thanks to a generous donation from Penelope Hartnell, FAVL will start its first book-mobile, a motor-tricycle with “cart” on the end, inside which will be a collection of 300 books suitable for primary school readers.  The biblio-mobile will start operations in Kaya in Burkina Faso later this month.  Here is the mock-up of the paint job for the back, by local Burkinabè graphic artist Michel Gama. Tricycle, books, reed mats, shelving, all have been purchased, we are just waiting for the decorative paint job to be completed. We are looking forward to getting this started!  Over the past months we have been doing small trial runs using locally hired tricycles. kids are really enthusiastic about getting to see good books, sometimes for the first time.