Biblionef Ghana provides Sumbrungu Community Library with new material #Ghana

Biblionef Ghana provided last week, to Sumbrungu Community Library, an amazing amount of material: 1250 books, 4 laptops computers, 3 tablets, 1 flat screen led TV, 1 DVD player, 54 plastic chairs for nursery and lower primary pupils, 10 plastic tables, 2 tables for the laptops, 2 kinder boxes, 2 shelves, 1 printer, 3 carpet mats and pillows  for those would like to sit or lie down whiles reading, 4 plastic basket that serve also as shelves, and 5 or so different games.

After a review meeting with the school teachers at the Women’s Meeting Hall on the donations, the teachers were asked to go and have a look at the work that has been done in the Sumbrungu Library. The teachers were impressed with what they saw and assured everyone that they would work closely with CESRUD-FAVL by encouraging  their pupils to visit the library. The Executive director of CESRUD Mr. Rex Asanga thanked Biblionef Ghana’s team and Madam Wia from the Netherlands for the support given to the library  and hoped they will continue to collaborate to give everyone the joy of reading.

Pupils of St.Charles Lwanga were very happy seeing the library with more books and learning materials. At one point we had to stop some pupils from entering the library because the room was getting crowded; they all wanted to catch a glimpse of the inside!