January events in the Ghana libraries

Paul Ayutoliya writes:

January began with a group cleaning of our three libraries on the 11th to prepare for our reopening on the 12th. Turnout of course started off low, but picked up as our group reading activities resumed. Our reading this month highlighted two books, Kente for a King, Kanwum and Bunsela and Grooming and Personal Hygiene for the Youth. It is critically important that we take our role as educators seriously, and thus provide both reading for entertainment and for education. We are pleased to state that our patrons are receptive to our activities and lessons, and we hope to continue helping to educate our communities. We would also like to acknowledge the many students of St. Peter and Paul Academy as well as of Dorongo Primary and Junior High Schools that patronize the Sherigu Library. Congratulations to our Sumbrungu librarian Mr. Apenoore Timothy on completing his degree in Civil Engineering from Bolgatanga Technical University! He will be beginning his national service with the Northern Development Authority while assistant librarian Mr. Asanga Joseph Ayingura will take over his role.