Update from Favl/Cesrud Ghana libraries

Coordinator Paul Ayutoliya writes:

sumbrungu small sept 2018Basic schools resumed school on the second week of September on the 11th, a week after the climax of the vacation reading classes. The first week of schools reopening as usual was for major cleaning exercise in and around the surroundings of the various schools across the country. The respective three community libraries were also cleaned by the respective librarians with assistance from some pupils also. The patronage to the libraries for the first week during the daily sessions was quite good, as the days progresses patronage is picking up. The first week was characterized by individual readings, games and sharing with each other happenings during the vacations period. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, most of the patrons who shared their story said they spend their vacation periods attending free vacation reading classes that was organized by the library, they touch on a number of story books they read and the moral lessons, the fun with other colleagues and making of new friends from other schools. One of those who were attending the classes wanted to share with friends who did not attend the classes some riddles, he begun by putting this riddle to them: What belongs to you but it is mostly use by others? There were all kinds of funny answers such bicycles, shirts among others, Anaba told them the answer is simply your NAME. He told the friends he learnt all those riddles from the classes. Some also said during the vacation they were helping their parents in farming, taking care of animals among others. At close of that sharing with each other happenings during the vacation period, those who could not make it to the classes, were amazed the things they heard from the others who were attending the classes; the boldness in the way they talk, the story books read and the mother lessons, the riddles and rest. The look and indication from each face that were not able to attend the classes shows they will not miss the opportunity of attending the classes the next time it will be organize. The story of the first week of schools reopening is almost the same in the other two community libraries during my visits to the library. The night sessions attending is mostly patronized by the young adults, who come to read story books, work Maths, study science and the other related subjects.