Update from Sumbrungu Community Library in Ghana

Users of the Sumbrungu Community Library and CESRUD/FAVL staff remain grateful to Biblionef Ghana for the support given to the Library early this year. The materials provided are being put to good use during every operating period in the library, the attendance to the library has increased significantly after the rearrangements works in the library was completed. The patrons are getting use to the basics of computer skills and others as a result of the laptops and tablets. We have installed in all the laptops Mavis Beacon typing skills, typing master and other applications that will help improve patrons knowledge to the basics of a computer. Programs shown on the TV are the cartoon movies and others that benefits patrons academically.

The cats and dogs series are the most frequent used books in the library by mostly the lower primary and nursery pupils. The games provided are so fantastic to the users, every Friday which is our game day patrons are always busy with one game or the other to the extent that some do wish the day is extended for them.

Every long vacation CESRUD organizes vacations classes for pupils/patrons in all the three libraries. This year’s vacations classes are starting on the 6th of August 2018. Is usually a period that the patrons attend the libraries in their good numbers. These classes are basically geared towards helping pupils to improve upon their reading skills, English vocabulary, getting exposed to the basics of computer and having fun in the libraries. These classes organize yearly also play role in reducing the rate at which young pupils travel during this period to look for jobs and the associated problems in the big cities.