Report on three community libraries supported by CESRUD/FAVL for December

IMG_20191202_144200_906.jpgPatronage to the three community libraries for the two weeks continued on a very good note. Basic pupils and students from second cycle schools and the tertiary institution visited the the respective library’s daily and during the night to read and learn in preparation for their respective exams before breaking for Christmas Celebration and perhaps the New Year. At the Sumbrungu Community Library, patrons were mostly pupils and students from the surrounding schools such as St. Charles Lwanga Primary and JHS, Kulbia Primary School, Kolgo Junior High School, Bolgatanga Polytechnic. They patronized the library well for both day time and that of the night time. They studied notes and handouts from their respective schools, some read different kinds of story books also from the library. At the Sherigu Community Library, patrons who were mostly students from St. Peter and Paul Academy, Dorongo Primary and JHS used the library as a convenient place to learn in preparation also towards their exams. Some patrons read story books from the library. At the Gowrie-Kunkua Community Library, the story is almost the same, save to say their patronage was not that great as compared to the other two community libraries. Nonetheless, attendance was quite encouraging as Pupils from the Kunkua Primary and JHS were always seen in the library making good use of the books.

It sad to note however that as the basic students and students exams which should have been ongoing now have been put on hold due to a strike action by teachers in demand for their arrears that government owed them. The situation is very sad and worrying as students are left to their fate. Wandering from one place to another without any idea on when teachers will return to class rooms. I understand they have a genuine case as some the teachers have their arrears owed as far back as 2012. It is our hope that the government will listen to their concerns and address it as quickly as possible to enable the teachers return to class for academy work to continue.